Texas Antiques Week – Recap 1 of 2

This was the 46th Annual Antiques Fair in Roundtop, Texas and our crew was there! Endless miles of vendors from all over the world selling more antiques and goods than you could shake a stick at.

We hit the road at 5:00 am last Wednesday, and arrived at our first destination a short 15 hours later. 15 hours in one spot for a three year old could be very trying, but my little angel? Not one meltdown or major incident. This kid was designed to withstand the lifestyle of a picker, fortunately for us. While on the road we always stop to get some sort of souvenir for each new state she visits:

image 1

I have a goal, and that is to get the kid to all 50 states by the time she graduates from high school. We covered 4 new states for her this trip alone.

For our first full shopping day in Roundtop we were met with rain, wind, and cloudy skies. Womp womp. However, we had the appropriate gear so we carried on. Keep calm and go picking, that’s how the saying goes right? Good. We found lots of things we wanted to buy, but couldn’t quite afford.

For instance all of this:

image 2

One of these:

image 5

Whatever this is:

image 4

Her dashing cute looks did help her score a great deal on some new wheels though:

image 6JDJ Delivery Service – Coming Soon!

Then we went over to our ranch house that I booked. Let’s just say, I am officially fired from securing accommodations for any and all future road trips. Indefinetely. The idea of the house was beautiful. Exterior? Adorable. As a person who sells a lot of rusty and dusty stuff when I read that THE PLACE WAS RUSTIC, I thought “Aw, cute, and right up our alley”. No, just no. The farm house/ranch house was built in 1890, and I am pretty sure much of it hasn’t changed since.

The key to the place:

image 7Not even joking! It locked every door in the house.

I will give it some credit, the views were incredible. Our little dear had a ball playing with our neighbors, the cows. She also picked fresh bluebonnets for us as well.

image 34

Views aside, we were met with a few unexpected house guests. Before this trip Adeline was afraid of every type of bug under the sun, this trip remedied that. From Day 1 we had a colony (see also: several families/a number of/ settlement) of moths. One of which hitched a ride all the way back to GA with us, and he was named Fred. Now that I think of it, if “Fred” happens to wreck our ecosystem in GA by somehow creating a super moth, well, we don’t know anything about any of that. I digress, after Day 1 wrapped up we had a new colony form inside the kitchen to keep the moths company-ants. A few sprays and a game of spot and smash and that was all she wrote for the ants. Night #2 we all woke up around 2:00ish a.m. to the smell of an extremely frightened skunk. After further investigation we think he may have actually sprayed the picking van. He must have confused it with a large lady skunk:

dscf2199“Hubba hubba! Hey, you come here often?"

Written by Stefanie McGuire Jones

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Stefanie McGuire Jones

Stefanie McGuire Jones

Stefanie is the owner of Junk Drunk Jones, an expert picker, and lover of all things cool and vintage.

Believe it or not, Stefanie started “picking” per se, at age 7. Her parents began dragging her around the country looking for antiques at a very early age. In her words, "Long enough to know just a little about everything and a lot about nothing".

Stefanie still has some of her very first purchases as a kid on the road. A collection of Peanuts books and a Peanuts tin lunch box that still have a place in her home’s decor and probably always will.