Sassy Pants

Sass sells. Yea we know, the saying is usually a little bit different. However, for our Junk Drunk Jones regulars and new visitors alike, we have noticed one thing and that is that sass sells. A good chuckle makes for a great gift to share apparently.

We want to talk about one of our best selling gift lines, Blue Q. Just shy of dropping the F*Bomb, these products are hilariously wrong (or are they right?). Bubble gums, socks, tin boxes, and a range of wonderful zipper pouches provide our inventory with some of the neatest gift items. We recently learned about the process of how Blue Q produces these spectacular zipper pouches. The bags are made out of 95% recycled materials! NINETY FIVE PERCENT... I know, right?! We crunched the numbers and that is like, almost 100%. They begin with used rice sacks, which are ground and melted. After melting they are woven into fresh material which is printed with the hilarious and funky graphics, and cut to size (available in 8+ different styles and sizes). After cutting to size they are carefully stitched and VOILA! Ready to go. Our owner and operator (and resident crazy lady) Stefanie Jones has been using one of her tried and true zipper pouches as her makeup bag in her purse daily for over 5 years now. And? Not one stitch has popped! She may or may not have a “collection” of zipper pouches that she uses for ALL OF THE THINGS, and her sister has an even bigger collection of them!

Guess what else? Even better than these bags being eco friendly and all recycled and junk like that... They donate 1% of every sale to support environmental initiatives around the globe. Over $300,000 has been donated since 2009! Basically, you can be hilarious, eco friendly, charitable, and devilishly handsome with every Blue Q purchase you make (ok, ok, we made the handsome part up...).

Wanna see what kind of “stuff” they produce that is available right here in our shop? Here you go:

We also carry a line of local handmade bodycare goods that boast the same sass that our other items provide. Knitchcraft and More brings in some of the neatest and silliest soaps and other items that make great gifts as well. Made with the freshest, safest, and most natural ingredients available too!

So we are sure you all get the point. When it comes to treating yourself, and finding that unique gift for friends and family alike your best bet is to go with some SASS.

Stop by and see us for a chuckle!

Written by Stefanie McGuire Jones

About the Author

Stefanie McGuire Jones

Stefanie McGuire Jones

Stefanie is the owner of Junk Drunk Jones, an expert picker, and lover of all things cool and vintage.

Believe it or not, Stefanie started “picking” per se, at age 7. Her parents began dragging her around the country looking for antiques at a very early age. In her words, "Long enough to know just a little about everything and a lot about nothing".

Stefanie still has some of her very first purchases as a kid on the road. A collection of Peanuts books and a Peanuts tin lunch box that still have a place in her home’s decor and probably always will.